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Feeling good about the community you live in can be just as important as selecting the right home. As a local expert, I can help you find a neighborhood that best suits your needs. From local restaurants and activities to school information and market trends, explore the communities I serve below.



                                                                   PALMER RANCH SOUTH SARASOTA

Palmer Ranch is probably one of the most impressive developments in the real estate domain in the Sarasota County. Located between Sarasota and Osprey, the community is a very modern one, with gorgeous properties and plenty of luxurious green surroundings that makes it look like a real oasis of peace and comfort. It can be accessed through Clark Road, Tamiami Trail, and Interstate 75, many people dreaming about living here due to the exclusivist air this community has. It is enough to take a look at how this community looks and you will definitely fall in love with it. Due to the investments that have been made here and the way this place looks now, it can be indeed considered one of the gems of the Sarasota County.


Until the 1800s, the land where Palmer Ranch lies today was just an empty land, a place where palmettos and palm trees called home. The history of this community starts when Bertha Palmer came to Sarasota, in 1910, and changed the way this part of the county looked like. Bertha Palmer was knows as the “Queen of Chicago”, being the wife of Potter Palmer, a multi-millionaire that left her an impressive heritage after his passing away, of more than $8 million. After finding out about Sarasota Bay in a newspaper advertisement, Bertha came to this place. It was enough one single visit for her to want to purchase land in this area, buying no less than 80,000 acres in Sarasota, becoming this way the biggest land owner in the entire history of the city. She was also helped by her social status when establishing a community here, creating one that had 850 inhabitants.

She was the one that created and developed what is today known as Palmer Ranch, although its initial destination was not a community for people. On the land Bertha bought here, she started a cattle farm and orange groves. She is also known for bringing a revolutionary method into the agriculture of Florida, which helped solve the problem of cattle ticks in the area. But, Bertha Palmer did not stay too long in Sarasota, passing away after eight years in the area, joining her husband in eternity. Still, even so, she managed to leave a print into the area, her traces being visible even today, as the community is keeping her memory alive, one example being the Honore Avenue, which bears her maiden name. Also, there are several cattle around the outskirts of Palmer Ranch, as a reminder of the way this area ended up being developed.

Palmer Ranch in present days

The cattle ranch created by Bertha Palmer was just an impulse that stirred the desire to develop the area even more in the vision of many people. Today, it stands as an impressive master planned community, having everything needed for a comfortable and modern lifestyle. Home to 20 neighborhoods that are all different, Palmer Ranch provides properties for all budgets and preferences.

Here you can find condos that have the lowest possible level of maintenance or estates that can cost millions of dollars. It is just a matter of personal preference and available budget, because you can find anything you may be looking for here.

Among the benefits of living in Palmer Ranch is the possibility of playing golf. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy any of the three gated golf communities in the area, which provide the conditions and services they are looking to get. Shopping is also highly available here, besides smaller shops that can be found throughout the neighborhoods, The Westfield Sarasota Square Mall provides and all-in-one experience to shoppers, bringing some of the most appreciated brands and shops in America to Palmer Ranch. Do you feeling like dining out in the evening? Well, the community has plenty restaurants to choose from, depending on the food you want to serve.

Steakhouses, Mexican, and even Italian cuisines are available, a considerable number of restaurants waiting to satisfy their clients’ need for delicious dishes and impeccable services. The community is also perfect for families with children, as there are several great schools to choose from, depending on the age of the children. And, living in Sarasota is not complete if you do not have the possibility to enjoy a day at the beach. Luckily, some of the most beautiful beaches are in the area, which make Palmer Ranch one of the most sought after and desired destinations for relocation in Florida.

What to do in Palmer Ranch

Golfing at the exclusive TPC Prestancia golf club

Some Scottish settlers brought golf into the area and it stuck ever since. Several gated golf communities emerged in time, one of them being the Prestancia community. TPC Prestancia is a private golf club that has two 18-hole courses in pristine shape. The clubhouse has a beautiful Mediterranean-style architecture, providing a professional golf store, locker rooms for members, together with dinning and bar services. Because this is a private club, fees will be required, but if you prefer high-quality services and the privacy offered by such a club, you will definitely find yourself at home here and won’t mind the fees involved in such cases. After all, you will invest in your wellbeing and happiness, and in the possibility of enjoying a great time. Besides golf, this club can also offer the possibility of swimming, playing tennis, and enjoying fitness facilities.

Serve dinner at Puccini’s Italian Romantic Restaurant

If you want to get out of the ordinary pattern when it comes to food, it is worth trying the Italian cuisine served at the Puccini’s Italian Romantic Restaurant. It is great to have the possibility to taste amazing Italian food in Florida, which is a perfect combination of healthy and fresh ingredients. Be ready to indulge your senses with seafood, pastas, and more, spiced with specific Italian herbs, olive oil, and other ingredients that make the Italian cuisine one of the most appreciated in the world. And when the chef is so talented, just like the one you will find at this restaurant, you will definitely enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Take the bike on the Legacy Trail

Exercising in the outdoor is the perfect method not only to stay fit, but also to maintain your health in a great shape. The perfect weather that is always present in the entire Sarasota County gives you numerous opportunities of spending time outside, like enjoying a bike ride. The Legacy Trail is actually an old railroad track section with a length of 12.4 miles. This railroad line represented the first form of transportation into the area for the first inhabitant, remaining today just a piece of history that reminds people how everything started here. Of course, the sector was slowly rehabilitates since 2006, so it could be turned into a path for walking, biking, or rollerblading. So, however you look at it, this trail is perfect to enjoy some time outside, contemplating the nature and a small part of the local history.

Things to see in Palmer Ranch

Go to the Potter Park

The Potter Park is a great place for spending time and having fun. Located on the Potter Park Drive, the YMCA is the pool where the Sarasota Sharks are training, which is the swimming team of the county that represents the area in swimming competitions. Besides the pool, you will also find a facility for fitness, handball, baseball, and tennis courts, a wall for rock climbing activities, a center for teens, and even a water park. And considering that the mall is right in the area, you can easily call it a day and enjoy it in the most pleasant way possible.

The day can be beautiful at the Siesta Key Beach

After driving for only 15 minutes, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Siesta Key Beach, where you can spend your day basking in the sun and swimming in the calm waters. Rated as one of the best beaches in American, it is definitely worth coming here, to enjoy its fine sands. All you have to do is get over the other side on the barrier island of Siesta Key, passing the bridge at the Stickney Point. There are a few miles that separate the Palmer Ranch neighborhood and the Siesta Key Beach, but it is not mission impossible to find it, as it is one of the most popular beaches in the area. After all, this is Florida and it doesn’t feel right if you don’t have access to the gorgeous beaches this state has.



                                                                 SIESTA KEY

Siesta Key is a gorgeous barrier island right next to Sarasota, famous for its stunning beaches covered in powdery white sands, and calm blue waters. Visit the key just once and you will be charmed by its beauty and relaxing atmosphere found here! To top it off, good weather and plenty of sunshine year round will feel like paradise! Siesta Key is more than just beaches; it is a thriving community in which you can live as well, with everything you need for a comfortable and modern life, as well as enjoying the proximity to downtown Sarasota.


History of Siesta Key

It is known that both the area and bay received the name of “Zarazote” at the beginning of their history. The bay was first named as the Sarasota Key by the European cartographers that began exploring the area  in 1513. The maps coming from the early 18th century confirm this aspect, as the island appears with this name on them. Since the 1920s, however, the name changed to Siesta Key, which it remains to this day. Concerning the settlements in the area, it is believed that the first one appeared in the 1880s. Despite the numerous settlers, only a few remained long enough in the area to be mentioned in history. One such person was Captain Louis Roberts as well as his wife, Ocean Hansen Roberts. Ocean Boulevard, Roberts Road, and Hansen Bayou are named after these two. In 1906, Capt. Roberts developed an addition to his current house and began calling it the Roberts Hotel. After another year, together with two associates, he founded the Siesta Land Company.

In 1910, E.M. Arbogast, one of Capt. Robert’s associates, began the construction process for the Bay Island Hotel, which was located on the north end of the island. Harry Nigel, the other associate, was digging canals throughout the island and filling low-lands with soil to make them more stable. He also excavated shell deposits, which were used in the making of roads. Nigel also ended up becoming the mayor of Sarasota in 1916, playing a key role in the decision that lead to the construction of the Siesta Key Bridge one year later. The Stickney Point Road Bridge that followed in 1926 was built by the County, ensuring that the transition from the Key to Sarasota and vice versa was much easier.

Siesta Key today

Having gorgeous beaches in their reach, sunshine every day, and the chance to spend time in such a lovely community, it’s no wonder that the people who live in Siesta Key are widely envied. Even if you don’t live on the Key, it’s just a short drive from Sarasota and enjoy its outstanding beaches. Right next to be beautiful Gulf of Mexico, Siesta Key has dream-like beaches with soft, white, powdery sands and calm waters that are suitable for swimmers of all different levels. The beaches are not the only reason to come here, however. Numerous shops, restaurants, resorts, and a rich nightlife attract large numbers of people  throughout the year. Siesta Key has evolved tremendously over time, not only becoming a gorgeous resort town, but also a peaceful and beautiful community of people that have permanent residences in the area. It can be said that Siesta Key is a very modern village which seems to be on a year-round holiday.

It is impossible not to find something you’re passionate about here, as Siesta Key has something to offer for everyone. It is the perfect place for a romantic vacation, or alternatively, a great destination for families with children. It also offers a wide variety of sports and activities for those that enjoy a more active lifestyle. Let us not forget the rich cultural life present on Siesta Key: art exhibitions, concerts, theater plays, and more take place with regularity. There are high changes that you will have plenty of things to enjoy while on Siesta Key.

Things to do on Siesta Key

Enjoy boat tours and fishing on the bay or gulf

Siesta Key’s proximity to the Sarasota Bay and Gulf of Mexico ensure you will get the chance to go boating and view the island and its surroundings from a different perspective. You’ll see a wide variety of boats on the water, from yachts and cruisers, to racing boats and offshore fishing vessels. Another option is a paddle boat, allowing you to get some excercise in as well, while enjoying a day out on the blue waters. However you look at it, boating is definitely one of the most appreciated activities here. If you are into fishing, you’ve come to the right spot! The deep blue waters of the Gulf provide significant opportunities in the form of larger fish, while the inshore grass flats, canals, and passes house anything from pompano and jacks to snook. Charter a boat with an experienced guide and expect to return full of fish.

Have fun with water sports

It is impossible to get bored in Siesta Key, with a massive variety of watersports within reach. Parasailing is a popular and enjoyable activity that must be experienced at least once! In parasailing, a powerful boat will use its speed to lift a big parachute, from which you are suspended. The effect will be surreal. It is a great activity both for adults and children, because it is fun and safe. If you want more action, don’t hesitate to try knee boarding, water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding. They all provide great excitement for families of any skill level, and are considered “tow sports”. In case you are in the mood for something calmer, kayaking or paddleboarding is the ticket. You will still spend time on water, but in a calmer and more relaxing form. Dolphins, manatees, and other sea life remains mostly undisturbed when on a kayak or paddleboard, providing more viewing opportunities! 

Places to visit

Turtle Beach

Of all the beaches that are in Siesta Key, Turtle Beach is certainly one of the most interesting. It is famous for the fact that many sea turtles come here to nest. If you come in the right time of the year, you may even see them or their hatchlings heading fast towards the sea. Because it is narrower, there are fewer visitors here, so the beach is quite calm. If you’d like to spend some time on the sand without being in a crowded place Turtle Beach is right for you. It is located on the Southern end of Siesta Key.

Siesta Key Beach (Main Beach + Accesses)

This is the public beach that is famous for its soft, white sands, and provides plenty of space for everyone. If you get hungry or in the mood to go shopping after a day at the beach, do know that both shops and restaurants are within walking distance. This makes it highly convenient in case you need something or you want to do something else after basking in the sun and going for a swim.

Point of Rocks

If the beaches in Siesta Key are known for their fine sands, this place is a bit rockier. But, it is worth coming here if you like collecting shells and if you enjoy snorkeling. The beach here is quite wide, but you may need some sandals or sneakers if you want to look for shells, because there are areas with rocks, which can be quite uncomfortable for walking. Also, do not ignore this place if you want to fish, but not in the mood to take a boat. The area here is quite peaceful so nothing will disturb your activity or the fish. It is a well known spot for surfing (provided the conditions are favorable), diving, and snorkeling.

Crescent Beach

This beach is smaller than the Siesta Beach, but just as beautiful. It also has white sand and plenty of room if you want to spend the day here. It won’t be that crowded as the Siesta Beach, so if you are looking to enjoy a peaceful day, you may be in luck. It is a perfect beach for relaxing walks and even for dolphin watching, as they can come pretty close to this calm corner of the island. It definitely deserves attention for its beauty, as well as the numerous time spending opportunities, such as walking, snorkeling, kayaking, paddling, and much more.



                                                            LONGBOAT KEY

Longboat Key is a gorgeous community in Florida, located between the Manatee and Sarasota counties, being almost equally divided between the two counties. Here, many people have boats parked in their backyards or front of the house, according to case, due to the fact that a good part of this community is surrounded by water.

It is futile to say that the weather is stunning almost most of the time, the plentiful sunshine making this community perfect for boat owners and people that appreciate water sports or a quiet day at the beach. Overall, there are only advantages when it comes to the Longboat Key community and not downsides to it.



Even though it looks like a rather recent city, Longboat Key has a rich history because the area has been inhabitant since ancient times by the Native Americans. The first white man that reached this place was the scout of Hernando De Soto, the famous Spanish Conquistador that discovered and explored the area of Sarasota.

There is a local legend saying that he tried for about two months to find a suitable place to land his boat. Once he found it, he also met the Indians that inhabited the place.

Believing that they are hostile, he fled with his entire crew, leaving his boat behind. After this episode, there was no more interest in the area for more than 300 years.

It is not known for sure when the first settlements appeared in the area, but it is believed that both Spanish and Cuban fishermen established camps in the area before 1842. Back in those days, the area was recorded on maps as being “Zarazote” or “Saraxola”, very little information appearing about the small island that stands today as Longboat Key, until 1848.

One of the first post masters of the area, Charles Abbe, who was an early settler in the area of Sarasota, was known to have plantations of pineapples and citruses on this small island, although no one knows for sure where those were. In the late 1800s, the Longboat Key area started to be properly settled.

Several people, among them Thomas Mann, one of the island’s most important settlers, also claimed land here and moved in together with his sons. Later on, he brought in his entire family and built a house in the northern part of the key, in 1888.

A year later, this small town received its first name, being called Longbeach. A special passage was dug in the area in 1895, to allow paddle boats to access the island from Sarasota and Tampa Bay. At the beginning of the 1900s, the city was a real farming community, famous for its fruits and tomatoes.

On the 13th of November 1955, the city was incorporated and received the name of Longboat Key. At that particular moment, only 215 people lived in the city and only a third of the island was actually developed.

Longboat Key in present days

Since then, Longboat Key went through an extraordinary change and development. Development at a large scale started in 1960 and continued until 1970, a period when the Avida Company purchased the end of the island located in the south part, investing more than $13 million in its development.

In the modern history of the city, it is known the fact that President Bush came to Longboat Key on the 10th of September 2001, one day prior to the notorious attacks of the 11th of September, to read books to second grade children, as a part of an educational program. In 2015, on the 14th of November, Longboat Key celebrated the city’s 60th anniversary.

The community is a perfect residential area, most of the properties here containing single family homes and condominiums. In the case of condominiums, the associations that manage them co-own various facilities, like tennis courts pools, beach access, and so on, which are part of the lifestyle in the area. In present days, almost all the land on the island is occupied, modern houses and beautiful parks being developed here.

The oldest houses here are 45 years old, although the people that bought these properties demolished them to build smaller and more modern houses. Having the vicinity of the beaches and beautiful views, it is quite a treat to live in this area, as it resembles more with a vacation resort than a residential community.

What to do in Longboat Key

Go shopping at the Coquina Beach

Coquina Beach is a marketplace you’ve never seen before. You will find an outdoor market only on Wednesday and Sunday, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., where you can find all sorts of items, from beautiful jewelry to corn on the cob.

The prices are very reasonable and there is no fee for parking or entrance. But, if you are not in the mood for shopping, you can come at this beach in any day of the week and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy long stripes of soft sand and flat beach, perfect for walks.

You get a glimpse at the pelicans that reside nearby and are a constant presence on the beach and even catch your breath under a palm tree. If you are hungry or wish to get refreshed, there is a café in the area that serves lunch as well besides beverages.

Enjoy a cruise with Catherine’s Florida Charters

What’s the point in being in Longboat Key if you don’t go out on the sea at least once? Boating is very popular in the area and charter services are available even for those people that do not own a boat. You will love the charters at Catherine’s Florida Charters, as they are elegant and sail very gently, perfect even for families with children.

They are especially designed to offer you a relaxing time out on the sea, enjoying the sunshine and seeing the dolphins play in the water. You can even bring the beverage of your choice on board, as you will find glasses there if you want to spoil yourself a little. Catherine will also help you with taking photos of your on sea escapade, so you can have images to remember this beautiful adventure.

Play some golf at the Islandside Golf Club

If you love spending an afternoon playing golf, this golf club in Longboat Key will definitely impress you. You will find a golf course in an incredible shape and some conditions that will challenge your golf skills. The winds coming from the nearby shoreline and the water surroundings will only make things more interesting. But, being here is also pleasant, as you will be able to enjoy your day bird watching, the golf course being known for attracting numerous species of marine birds. Even if your golf skills are not that great, it is still worth visiting the course, because it was designed to fit all player categories, advanced or beginners. So you will definitely have a great time here.

What to see in Longboat Key

Visit Joan M. Durante Community Park

If you are looking for a place that will give you both the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant walk and spoil your senses with gorgeous views, you need to come to the Joan M. Durante Community Park. There is a special boardwalk in the park that will allow you to stroll relaxed through the park, while enjoying the green trees, the sight and sound of the waves, the presence of the birds, and gentle breeze. It is the perfect retreat if you want to recharge your batteries and relax without spending a dime.

Spend the day at the Quick Point Nature Reserve

This is an incredibly beautiful place where you can enjoy nature and peaceful walks. You can choose to walk along the shoreline, boardwalk, or even on the beach. It is a great place for birdwatching, many species coming here due to the abundance of fish. Talking about fish, you will see plenty of them here as well and you might even be lucky enough to see them jumping out of the water, performing quite an interesting show. The large open space will provide the perfect environment for a family outing, allowing the kids to have fun in the outdoors and wonder at the multitude of colorful birds and fish that are permanent residents of the Key.

Check out Cannons Marina

If you like checking our boats or enjoying water sports, like snorkeling or fishing, you have to come to the Cannons Marina. It is worth mentioning that you can even rent boats from this place, in case you want to venture out on the sea in your own boat. So, you see, you don’t have to own a boat in Longboat Key in order to enjoy sailing, as there are boat renting services that will allow you to enjoy this any time you want. Sail out and enjoy the areas around Longboat Key, relax, go diving, and do anything else that will help you have a great day.



Know About The History of Casey Key And People Who Live On It

Case Key, Florida is a beautiful island that is known to have a famous lifestyle, wonderful beaches, natural landscapes, and beautiful and elegant homes. No one would imagine that it would change to this since it was a wild region in the 1840’s and the history is very intriguing hence one wouldn’t think anything good would ever come out of it.

It is seen as an incredible paradise with magnificent waterfront estates old beach cottages of which many have been razed to pave way for new single family homes enclosed behind enormous walls with beautifully designed wrought iron gates. Casey Key, Florida is one of the most popular barrier islands and one of the most sought after pieces of the Florida real estate.

In the mid-1800s, the US government sent a graduate of West Poet, John Charles Casey to survey the area and he was also assigned the task of assisting in the removal of the Seminole Indian from the area of the sea theme.

On the 1849 map, the Key was called the Chaise’s Key and the name John Casey was also there marking the areas where he was surveying but when Casey’s camp was published in 1856, the name had already changed to Casey’s Key. It was a mistake and several attempts have been made to have the name changed to Chaise’s Key, so in 1920’s during the real estate boom, the name changed to Treasure Island so as to spur land sales. However, each time there was an attempt to change the name; the residents changed it back to Casey Key so till today the name remains.


John Case built a spirit of trust with the Seminole Indians and the influential chief the Florida Seminole, Billy Bowlegs while he was aiding in the removal hence there was a fragile peace between them until Casey’s health started failing. In 1855 the Seminole war erupted and in 1858, Bowlegs was deported to the western part the United States. Once the civil war was over, people began settling on the land around Casey Key and it was common to see people sailing on the bays in the shallow waters. The real estate boom in the 1920s made channels open, altered and dredged and the shores filled. The Treasure Island bridge was built in 1923 at the north end of the island and this is one of the few one lane rotating swing bridges that are still in use today although of obsolete functional.

Casey key stretches between the island of Venice and Siesta Key for approximately eight miles running parallel to the South Sarasota communities i.e. Nokomis and Osprey. It has two public beaches at the south end, i.e. Nokomis and North Jetty Park and both are popular spots for visitors who come to Casey Key for the captivating native wildlife ad extraordinary scenic views and old Florida charm and rich history. Nokomis is the largest and uncrowded and it is made up of seashells and sand and sheltered by tropical shrubs and palm trees. There are picnic sites, bars, boardwalks and a boat launching ramp and there is a free parking nearby. If you are lucky enough, you could see the towns drum circle who meet to play at the beach a couple of evenings each week. The north jetty park beach has fine white sand and it is one of the best spots for surfing in the whole of Florida’s west coast. These beaches are open daily and during peak hours, there are lifeguards on duty.

There is a Private Casey Key beach that is a great place to collect shark’ teeth, sea glass and seashells. In the south and north ends of Casey Key, there are two bridges that connect Casey Key to the mainland and you can get an opportunity to photograph and cross a piece of Route 789 history in south Sarasota County. From the bridge, as you head north to the Casey road, you can catch a glimpse of massive homes that have been burrowed in wooded natural beauty with a sandy strip of shoreline. Southwards from Blackburn point, there are monolithic dwellings with private beaches and cabins on the gulf running four miles and there are large boats with docks on the intra-coastal waterway. This is where you would find the rich and famous relaxing and a property within the Gulf to Bay was being purchased for $20,000 in the 1950s and today the cost of real estate in Casey key has gone up to millions with a small estate selling about $25 million.

The rich and famous people who own homes in Casey Key include:
Horror fiction novelist Stephen King has a winter home, which is one of the priciest homes on the island that was outsourced in April 2001. The house which has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a swimming pool and sits on 6,817 square feet is currently valued at $25million.
Film director Victor Nunez has a home here and he filmed the movie adaptation of John D MacDonald’s novel “flash of green” in 1984, here in Casey because he thought it resembled a 1950’s era small Floridian community.

Philanthropists, engineers and world travelers Fritz and Ping Faulhaber bought a gulf to bay property in 1998 for $2.06 million, a Spanish style home 20017and they have a 1.2-acre pagoda garden which contains a rose garden, Chinese pavilions, and edible garden.
TV and talk show host Rosie O’Donnell bought a 4,647 square foot house for $5 million and it is a four bedroom, seven bath house with French oak flooring, built-in water coolers dishwashers, custom cabinetry, a coffee station, outdoor bar, boat slip, bar, and pool.
On the southern bridge, there are other property rentals and B & BS with private beaches that are offered for rent. Casey key is a small beachfront community with no high rise condominiums or traffic lights, but you will get a few moms and pops motel remains.